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John T. Kulha
John T. Kulha


  • Afren Resources USA, Inc.: Nigeria, Republic of South Africa, Kenya
  • Blackhorse Energy, LLC: Louisiana
  • Coastal Energy Company: Thailand, onshore and offshore
  • Collarini Energy Staffing, Inc.; Domestic and International
  • Endeavor Natural Gas, LP: Texas
  • Halcon Operating Company, Inc.: Texas
  • Hyperdynamics Corporation: West Africa
  • Matagorda Energy Company, LLC: Offshore Texas
  • Matrix Petroleum, LLC: Texas
  • MidCon Energy Partners, LP: Oklahoma
  • Midstates Petroleum Company, LLC: Oklahoma
  • Multifuels, LP: Louisiana
  • Noble Energy: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
  • PGH Engineers: Texas, California
  • PTTC Rocky Mountain Region: Teaching
  • PanAtlantic Exploration: Offshore Brazil, West Africa, Romania, Colombia
  • Pinnacle Potash International, LTD.: New Mexico
  • RPS Group (Scotia): International
  • RPS Group (NautilusWorld LTD): Teaching
  • Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation: Texas
  • Shell Oil Company: Domestic, International, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
  • Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC: Domestic and International
  • Torrenco Energy, Inc: Mexico

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JOHN T. KULHA, Petrophysicist

John brings 43 years of experience in petrophysical and petroleum engineering studies. His specialties include: exploration, appraisal and development in shaly clastic reservoirs and complex carbonates; unconventional resources including coalbed methane, tight gas, shale reservoirs, and heavy oil; enhanced oil recovery; property valuation for mergers and acquisitions; lease sale preparation; log-seismic interrelationships; mentoring of client staff for NOC's and IOC's; external technical peer reviews.

John is a recognized authority in the identification and evaluation of low resistivity, low contrast (LRLC) pay zones and has presented courses/seminars worldwide over the last 25 years. He also co-teaches several geo-science/engineering courses with other industry experts. He is an expert witness at the Texas Railroad Commission and other judicial courts. John is the author and editor of numerous publications and technical poster presentations. He has generated, sold and successfully drilled prospects throughout the Texas Gulf Coast.


  • B.S. Petroleum Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 1973, Magna cum Laude
  • M.S. Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston, 1994, Magna cum Laude
  • Shell Oil Companies, 1973-1980; Senior Petrophysical Engineer
  • Loren and Associates, Inc., 1980-1998; Senior Petrophysical Consultant
  • Petrophysical Consultant; 1998-Current


  • Society of Petroleum Engineers-1971
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists-1999
  • Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts-1980
  • Houston Geological Society-1983