Specializing in AVO Modeling, Attribute Generation, Seismic Inversion and Interpretation Plus Full Petrophysical Services


AvoAvaz.com, LLC, is a consulting company consisting of two principal geoscientists, Dan Cox and John Kulha, who together have close to 90 years experience in oil and gas exploration/development, including a combined 40 years of consulting within domestic and international projects.

What We Do

Quantitative Seismic Analysis

  • Routine seismic-to-well ties
  • Avo modeling-insitu and forward models with fluid substitutions
  • Avo-avoaz modeling (provided upon request)
  • 3d pre-stack Avo evaluation / DHI analysis
  • Pre-stack data conditioning in preparation for Avo evaluation.


  • Structural mapping

Dan Cox, Geophysicist/Geologist

Dan is a dependable, thorough and well organized senior geoscientist with over 42 years' experience in oil and exploration/development geophysics & geology in a broad diversity of settings in both international and the domestic USA.

Dan has special depth of knowledge in the following: AVO/AVO-az analysis, attributes, modeling, seismic to well ties, prospect evaluation, recognition of seismic & Avo related pitfalls, geophysical project supervision, startup, 2D/3D structural - stratigraphic restorations, interpretations, deepwater clastics, carbonates, fractured reservoirs.

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John Kulha, Petrophysicist

John brings 43 years of experience in petrophysical and petroleum engineering studies. His specialties include: exploration, appraisal and development in shaly clastic reservoirs and complex carbonates; unconventional resources including coalbed methane, tight gas, shale reservoirs, and heavy oil; enhanced oil recovery; property valuation for mergers and acquisitions; lease sale preparation; log-seismic interrelationships; mentoring of client staff for NOC's and IOC's; external technical peer reviews.

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